The mission of Spare the Kids, Inc. is to provide Black parents, families and communities with a full range of alternatives to corporal punishment and to reduce the number of children that end up in America’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Our goal is to ensure that our children do not commit acts of physical, verbal or emotional violence towards others or themselves.  We intend to break the cycles of low self-esteem, domestic violence, bullying, gang violence, poor academic achievement, poverty and incarceration.  We will enjoin parents, teachers, clergy, artists, clinical professionals, and social service providers to reject the culture of low expectations so that our children will grow up to achieve their optimal potential.

Our work is to provide effective alternatives to physical discipline and educational materials to help foster healthy physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development in children.  Our interactive web portal and programs are also designed to bridge the cultural divide between social service providers and the diverse families they serve.  In addition to parents, guardians and families, we build partnerships with:

Grassroots organizations
Community leaders
Teachers and principals
State agencies
Child advocates
Foster care providers
Law enforcement officials
Judges and law guardians
Residential youth counselors
State legislators
Adoption agencies
Religious communities
Schools of Social Work . . . . and our children themselves!

Spare the Kids, Inc. is a long-term movement driven by a compassionate desire to protect children from becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.  Our vision is to spark and grow a national and then a global movement that advocates fiercely for a safer and non-violent world.